Beginning of their Recruiting Process-

Deeply worried in suspense, and slightly confused, I wanted to laugh, but hit the “off” button on the TV remote and asked, “Who are you, do I know you?”

“We are a group of spiritually aligned energies that work for God. We help humans that help us help other humans.” Thinking that I really should make an appointment with a psychiatrist to get this problem fixed, I got the reply, “Go ahead and see your psychiatrist if you want, you’ll be wasting your time and money though. It won’t change anything, and you will end up working for us anyway. It’s just a matter of time because your so-called shrink is only going to delay you, take your money, and cannot help you. We can help you Jimmy, and you can help Us.

From a Dinner date that Changed my World-

She went on to explain that her son Charlie was nine years old, telepathic, quadriplegic, and follows her in an alternate dimension when she leaves the house, and he has been pestering her multiple times a day for several weeks to allow him to meet me.

“Do you tell him everything about me?” I asked.

“No, nothing, only your name,” she said, “But he knows everything about you.”

While Sitting Around a Jungle Campfire Drinking Beer One Afternoon-

“Well see, Mr. Jimmy, that’s what we want to talk to you about. You get messages in your head to help people, right? See, the problem is, we hear messages tellin’ us to go kill people, and that’s why we need your help.”

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